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Rols Machineonderdelen is over 25 years old, but our range of machines is still new and modern. Rols is at the forefront of automation, keeping us competitive, even for the most high-end products. We have a strong focus on process control, providing the foundation for constant quality in products and services.


Rols makes it possible

From Design for Manufacturing to Supply Chain Management: Rols contributes ideas, advises and implements. With machining and welding as our core activities, we are up to the challenge. If you are interested in what Rols can do for you, contact us to find out more in person.


Anvil Industries

Rols Machineonderdelen is part of Anvil Industries, a collaboration pooling the expertise of specialists in machining, welding and assembly. Each of the companies involved in Anvil Industries has its own unique value. Together they supply a complete solution for machined components, welded assemblies and mechanical assembly. With innovation as the unifying thread, we work every day towards a strong result-oriented performance firmly embedded in cost-consciousness. Anvil stands for reliable performance and long-term relationships.

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Marcel Sanders Director at Rols

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Rols supplies tailor-made craftsmanship. Discover the possibilities.